Why do we need ORM

What is ORM (Online Reputation Management)?

Your online reputation is your image online. And ORM is all about improving, or restoring your name or brand’s good standing. Now this is all about weakening or even about eliminating the negative material and replacing it with more positive material. Improving the credibility and also the customer’s trust in you.

Why do we need ORM?

Now for every brand, now increase sales come from the trust. And if you wish to increase the sales, then your brand better project positive reviews and footprints on the internet. Your visitors, especially customers, depend heavily on Google reviews, Facebook followings and Twitter trends. Now social Medias and search engines are the new tools for increasing sales. Your customers discuss their purchases to their friends and when they have a problem, they would most likely spread the word about their experience. Even from an investor’s point of view, now an investor does not know your company well enough. And will often make decision on information that is available to them. Once again if you have a negative reputation online, it will show.

Now positive online reviews matters a lot on these day and age. Customers are heavily driven by positive online reviews. 97% of the customers read online reviews for local businesses. And a massive 85% of consumers trust online reviews. And also that you can see that 49% of the customers need at least a four-star rating before making their buying decision. So yes, all these data gives us the idea that yes, ORM is very important for any brand. Okay so now you understand that ORM is crucial for your business.

There are tools available that makes these jobs extremely easy.

UberVU: It automatically analyzes all the brand’s social media data to show insights like influence’s, stories that you can leverage in real time. Yes, it is an expensive tool that costs high, but it even provides a free trial.

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