What is SEO?

Search engine Optimization just go out and scour the web to find pages and index them in their catalog. It’s very similar to when you have a book and at the end of the book you have an index where it tells you where everything was talked about and the location. That’s pretty much Google and their indexing system as well on the web in the cloud.

What is SEO?

So let’s take a look at an example. Now, this is a typical search page with results. You can see that these are ads, this is what’s known as a knowledge graph and what it’s doing is it’s pulling in a result that might be further down on the page but since Google thinks it’s answering the query really well. as well as down further on the page. Then below all of that, you have organic results. Typically they’re about ten organic results on one page and organic listings simply mean that these results aren’t paid at all.

They show up on Google because they’ve done a good job of telling Google that this page is about this particular query. Then you have a people also ask area and this simply shows the related searches that people will do on this topic. Now, fewer than ten percent of people will actually ever click on the next page.

If they don’t find what they’re looking for on the first page they’ll simply adjust their search criteria and that’s why Google added in this ‘People Also Asked’ area and here’s the biggest why SEO is so important for your website. These top three organic results, they get over 70% of all the clicks. This first position usually gets the bulk of the clicks. Between 35% and 40%. The second will get between 15% and 20% and then the third position will get around 10%. So, that’s why it’s so important to make sure that your website is first on Google.


Shashi Gaud

I’m a digital marketer expert as well as web developer by profession with over 4+ years of experience and SEO being by core expertise and I Have prior 3 years of experience in a sales and marketing.

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