SEO on-page best practices for PPC landing pages

PPC landing pages

There are several ways to implement a cohesive message across both PPC and SEO. First, review ad copy to ensure the target keyword is included within the text of the ad copy and in the display URL of your PPC ad. Keep in mind that the recent Google changes are going to allow for a 90% increase in text
space compared to current expanded text ads, so there is more room to experiment with different variations of ad copy.

Next, you should assess landing pages to make sure they have a high relevance to target keywords and ad copy to increase Quality Score. Use a similar message in the meta description that is in PPC ad copy.

Markup PPC landing pages with SEO on-page best practices:


• Page Title is unique, conversational, and ideally 60 characters or less. It is okay to go up to 70 characters if necessary to include target keywords and branding information at the end.

•Meta Description is unique, on every landing page, includes target keywords, and is 155 characters or   less.

• H1 tag is unique, conversational, and includes target keywords.

• No Index, No Follow PPC landing pages unless you want Google to index them.

From there, work to share keywords across channels. Sharing important keyword data across PPC and SEO teams is one of the most impactful ways to improve your performance with these two channels. By
doing this, you are able to create shared reporting to monitor movements of PPC and SEO keywords. Structure accounts with groups you can map to marketing campaigns, product lines, solutions, etc. Make sure your social channel messaging is consistent with your PPC and SEO messaging.

Providing a cohesive message is required in order to attain a good digital footprint as there is just too much competition in today’s digital world. A cohesive message also improves consumer journey and promotes brand loyalty. If you can increase the trust in your brand, both from a consumer and search
engine standpoint, you will see improved ROI across all channels, not just PPC and SEO. Since it takes so much work to cultivate and maintain a brand, it makes sense to monitor any attempts to harm that brand.


Shashi Gaud

I’m a digital marketer expert as well as web developer by profession with over 4+ years of experience and SEO being by core expertise and I Have prior 3 years of experience in a sales and marketing.

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