How to monitor paid search

Paid search to protect your most valuable traffic.

Stay informed:

See who is appearing on your terms in any country you choose across any major search engine.

Monitor organic links:

See what content is appearing in the organic search results by location.
Create competitive campaigns in PPC See what domain is showing up in the ads found with Display URL and Final URL details, along with the landing page and content in the ad copy.

Research competitor’s offers and content in ad:

See ad copy for who is appearing on your terms, how well these ads are performing, research the content within the ad copy to help inform messaging across other channels (e.g. SEO, social), test variations of your own in PPC, and know if competitors are running geo-based offers/promotions.

Review Final URL:

View landing pages and see how the competition has their form set up. See what type of content they are using on their landing pages without having to manually find their PPC pages in the wild


Shashi Gaud

I’m a digital marketer expert as well as web developer by profession with over 4+ years of experience and SEO being by core expertise and I Have prior 3 years of experience in a sales and marketing.

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