PPC and SEO best practices to improve Quality Score

ppc quality score

Quality Score is Google’s rating of the relevance of your keyword, landing page, and ad copy. The graph below shows the relationship between Quality Score and Cost Per Conversion.

Ways to merge your PPC and SEO best practices to improve Quality Score:

Do Keyword Research:

Discover new, highly relevant keywords to add to your campaigns, including long-tail opportunities that are some of the best converting keywords.

Conduct Internal and External Keyword Gap Analysis:

Variations and misspellings of branded terms can be sources of traffic leaks.

Perform Keyword Organization:

Structure your keywords into tight, organized groups that can be more effectively tied to individual ad campaigns in both PPC and SEO.

Implement Account Structure:

Apply a similar account structure in both PPC and SEO tools, such as Ads and Bright Edge to help with cross-channel reporting.

Refine Ad Text :

Test out PPC ad copy that is more targeted to your individual ad groups. More effective ads get higher CTRs, one of the best ways to improve Quality Score.

Optimize Landing Pages:

Follow SEO landing page best practices to create pages that connect directly with your ad groups and provide a cohesive experience for visitors, from keyword to conversion.

Add Negative Keywords :

Continuously research, identify, and exclude irrelevant search terms that are wasting your budget.


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